An update from MarseilleUK – 17/01/12

Hi all,

In May last year I set up OMarseilleUK, as an English language twitter feed, mainly to keep people updated with Marseille results and how they were fairing in the Ligue 1 table. From being 10 years old I have had a passion for Marseille and felt that by doing this, it would encourage me to take more of an active interest in the club too. Over time, I believed that updates on matches weren’t quite enough, Marseille fans should have access to news, match reports and thoughts on Marseille, and so the WordPress blog was started in October. Since setting up the blog, writing and releasing articles I have been blown away by the views and comments and it has become far more successful than I had previously envisaged. I now feel the time has come to take English speaking Marseille coverage to the next level. I work full time as a Head of Music in a secondary school, I also have a wife and young son, and I also gig on a regular basis, playing drums for my rock cover band ‘Special Brew’. As a result of this, it is impossible for me to dedicate any more time than I already do to MarseilleUK.

Therefore it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you MarseilleUK’s newest blogger, Steve Wyss.

Hi there everyone!

I’d just like to introduce myself. I’m Steve Wyss, or perhaps better known across the web as ‘meatman’. I am a known French football expert and have been covering Ligue 1 and 2 for the last 5 years in detail. I currently work for a company called Football Radar, who are based in London. I am passionate about OM and see it as a nice challenge to promote the club in the English speaking world. Like Andrew, I have a full time job, wife and a young daughter, so sometimes my time can be limited too. I wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time to a website of my own, so it makes sense that we will combine our resources here. I very much look forward to working with Andrew to make this site bigger and better and thank him for offering me the opportunity.

You can follow me on twitter @meatmansoccer

Andrew: Hi Steve, and welcome on-board MarseillUK. First question has to be, how did you become a fan of Marseille?

Steve :- I have followed French football in detail for a good 5-6 years now, and even before then I had a decent interest. I entered the world of French Football when Lyon were dominant. They say you either love or hate dominant teams/sportsman and I personally hated them constantly winning Ligue 1 all the time. OM were always the team I liked the most, great passionate fans, a desire and a great history. I have really come to love the club a lot, and alongside Leeds United and Baltimore Ravens they are one of the sports teams that I care a lot for.

Andrew: How have you felt about Marseille’s season so far, and what are your predictions for the remainder of the season?

Steve:- The start was a disappointment, despite the sensational Trophee de Champions victory. Everything seemed to be a mess, but I knew it was important not to panic and to keep Deschamps. Gradually things have got better and settled down. It’s pleasing to still be in all the cup competitions. My personal hope for the rest of the season is to win a cup and finish in the top 3 places. Maybe progression past Inter into the QFs of the CL would be a nice bonus too. I haven’t given up on the title yet, but let’s be realistic, unless PSG slow down a bit then they will win it. My prediction is OM win the Coupe de la Ligue again, maybe the Coupe de France and finish 2nd in the ligue.

Andrew: What parts of the blog will you be contributing to?

Steve :- I will do most of the match reports for OM games along with some occasional other articles. Also behind the scenes working with Andrew to try and improve it the best we can. It’s always good to generate some new ideas to try and make something better. This is a project with plenty of potential, watch this space for sure.

So there you have it, Steve is going to be contributing to the site on a regular basis and we will be working together to ensure you never miss anything to do with Marseille. Over the next few months we plan to overhaul the blog/site, improve the updates, provide more in depth analysis, write more informative, interesting articles and who knows what else?!

Thank you all so far for your support, countless re-tweets and kind comments.

Allez l’OM!

Andrew Swan (@Andrew_Js3) & Steve Wyss

Please follow this link for Steve’s first match report from the Marseille 2-0 Lille game.


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