News Update – 9/12/12

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Valbuena & Fanni To Plan Marseille Stay

La Provence were reporting today that Rod Fanni and Mathieu Valbuena were in the process of (or had already) signing contract extentions that would keep them at Marseille untill 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Mandanda To Stay In Marseille

Ahead of the game against Lorient reports emerged that French international goalkeeper Steve Mandanda had signed a contract extension with the club that will see him stay at the Velodrome until 2016.

Having been linked with a number of other clubs over the summer, this will come as a relief to most fans, to save them from searching for another ‘keeper who could match the calibre and consistency of Mandanda.

Juniors Not In Next Round of NextGen Series

Despite picking up some excellent results in a tough NextGen group against Arsenal, Bilbao and Olympiakos, OM’s U19’s will not make it to the next round after picking up 8 points from their Six Group 6 games.

Les Phoceens currently sit 2nd but cannot qualify no matter what the outcome of the final group game between Bilbao and Olympiakos is. Bilbao are only 1 point behind but have a far superior goal difference, and Olympiakos are only 2 points behind OM as well.

It remains to be seen what competition will be available for the OM juniors next season after it has been announced that UEFA are effectively taking over the NextGen format and replacing it with their own verison that will only be open to the junior teams of Champions League qualifiers.

Coupe de France – Round of 64 draw

Marseille have been drawn at home against Ligue 2 side Guingamp in the Coupe de France round of 64 draw. The games will take place at the beginning of January.

Saint-Louis Neuweg (CFA2)/Epinal (National) v Lyon (L1)
Lille (L1) v Nîmes Olympique (L2)
Pontarlier CA (CFA2)/Colmar SR (National) v Strasbourg ARC (CFA)/CS Sedan Ardennes (L2)
Amiens AC (CFA) v Evian Thonon Gaillard FC (L1)
Belfort ASM (CFA) v Le Havre AC (L2)
FC Metz (National) v Nice OGC (L1)
Amnéville CSO (CFA) v Bar-le-Duc (DHR)/US Raon L’Etape (CFA)
Thaon ES (CFA2) v Sochaux (L1) Marseille Groupe S. Consolat (CFA) v Moulins AS (CFA)
Savigneux Montbrisson AS (PHR) v Venissieux AS Minguettes (CFA2)
Mende Avenir Foot Lozère (DHR) v Arles Avignon AC (L2)
SM Caen (L2) v Saint-Etienne (L1)
Bourg-Péronnas (National) v Montpellier (L1)
Montceau FC (CFA)/FC Mulhouse (CFA) v Troyes (L1)
Istres (L2) v Valenciennes FC (L1)
Vallières Et. (HRL)/CA Bastia (National) v Bastia (L1) Muret AS (CFA2) v Fontenay VF (CFA)
Bordeaux Stade (CFA) v Carquefou USJA (National)
Châteauroux Berrichonne (L2) v Girondins de Bordeaux (L1)
Luçon VF (CFA) v Brest (L1)
Marseille (L1) v Guingamp EA (L2)
Dreux FC (DH) v Nancy (L1)
Chauray FC (CFA2) v Lorient (L1)
Le Mans FC (L2) v Le Poiré-sur-Vie (National) Rouen FC 1899 (National) v Ajaccio (L1)
Vitry-le-François FC (1ère série de District)/US Boulogne (National) v Toulouse (L1)
Meaux Academy Football (DH) v Le Portel (DH)
Compiègne AFC (CFA)/FC Dieppe (CFA2) v FC Nantes (L2)
Saint-Malo US (CFA) v US Saint-Anne de Vertou (CFA2)
RC Lens (L2) v Rennes (L1)
Arras FA (CFA2) v psg (L1)
Plabennec Stade (CFA) v Reims (L1)


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